Welcome to C.A.N. online art classes for kids!  My name is Lukas Allenbaugh and I’ve been teaching art consistently for over 25 years.  During that time I’ve been an artist in residence and commissioned artist (schools, teen shelters, public projects), public school teacher (art and general studies) and an extra curricular enrichment teacher (after-school, summer, libraries, etc.).


I currently own the Creative Art Network (C.A.N.).  Through C.A.N. I’ve worked for 14 years on a daily basis with children ages 5 through 15 teaching comic books, and drawing.  My online and on-site classes are a mixture of original education videos, live teaching demos, students teaching students, and sharing.  I love inventing animation and art stations and continually look for the most efficient and clear way to get information to my students.


When designing a class I look at it from the utmost basic level, putting myself in the perspective of the learner.  Each sentence, image, and concept is evaluated for clarity, content, and creativity.  I produce my own art daily in the areas that I teach in order to model and experience the art I aim to teach.


Although I’ve attended Cornish College of the Arts, Western WA University, and a large variety of online and studio art classes, I’ve found my true learning is listening to and being driven by my own passions for art.  I seek to invent, not define my art.


I consider myself a student first and teacher second.  My classrooms are a constant source of inspiration.  I recognize that children of all ages have tremendous potential and untapped intelligence and I aim to offer skills, concepts, and support, to enable their expression and accomplishments. 


In my free time I enjoy partner dancing and hiking with my wife, and creating music.

Lukas Allenbaugh

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