Lukas Allenbaugh


Welcome to the Creative Art Network!  


My name is Lukas Allenbaugh and I have been teaching art (animation, illustration, sculpture, painting, and digital art) to children and teens consistently for over 25 years.  My teaching includes 4 years as a public school teacher, 15 years as the owner of the Creative Art Network (after-school and summer programs) and 12 years as an artist in residence.


When designing a class I look at it from the perspective of the learner.  Each aspect is evaluated for clarity, connectivity, and appeal.  My live classes are a mixture of original recorded and live teaching demos, and sharing among students.


I’ve studied traditional art (Cornish College of the Arts, Western Wa University), and digital art (CG Masters academy, CG Boost Academy, and many other online programs).  I am driven daily to practice my art and this reflects in my passion for teaching.


In my free time I enjoy partner dancing and hiking with my wife, spending time with family and friends, and creating music.

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