Lukas Allenbaugh


The Creative Art Network is a traveling art school based in Everett, WA that offers Comic Book, 3D Drawing, and Sci-Fi art classes for all ages of students.  Lukas Allenbaugh started C.A.N. in 2004 while he was a public school teacher as a way to further arts integration in the classroom.  Leading up to C.A.N. he worked as an Artist in Residence and commissioned artist in the areas of mural painting, illustration, and sculpture, with projects often involving hundreds of students and community members to complete a final product.  Over the last 25+ years of working with students in the arts, Lukas has focused on offering both the tools and freedom for students to create their own original works.  


The following policies will be upheld unless your school has policies that state otherwise.


Students are encouraged to plan their stories at home through making comic books and drawings of what they want to accomplish in class.


Students will be provided with all classroom supplies and they are not allowed to bring their own supplies from home.  (supplies for animation classes include characters to animate, backdrops, or anything that they will take animation photos of).


LATE POLICY:  C.A.N. charges $1 for every minute a parent is late.  Payment is due at the time you pick up your child. Check, Cash, and Square Point of Sale (credit or debit card) payments are accepted.  Failure to pay at the time of pickup results in the child's removal from class without a refund.


If you are running late text (206) 607-7493 with your E.T.A.  Children often worry when parents don’t show on time or don’t communicate when/if they are showing.  Instructor needs to leave on time to uphold other time sensitive contracts and commitments.


Parents are required to come directly to the pickup area to sign out their child.  Children are not allowed to leave the instructor’s supervision until this happens.  (Exception: Email C.A.N. with parental consent for your child to walk/bike home).


Please send a quick email to C.A.N.  if your child is going to miss a class.  (1-2 days notice is greatly appreciated).  3 unexcused absences means your child’s enrollment is cancelled and you will receive a full refund for the class.


If you are not satisfied with the class offered or need to cancel for other reasons, refunds must be requested before the fourth day of a class attended.  A full refund is offered if you cancel within this deadline.


Make-up days will not be scheduled for student absences even if it’s the last day.  Make-up assignments are not provided by the instructor.


Snacks must be provided by each family, C.A.N. does not supply snacks.


Please review the class information found on the "schedule" menu of this website with your child on or before the first day of class, such as the room number and class start time.  (Some locations decide on room numbers a few days before the start of class so please check on the room number the day before class starts).


C.A.N. does not offer prorated refunds or makeup days for days that are missed due to inclement weather. All efforts will be made to provide makeup days.


C.A.N. reserves the right to refuse services to students and families who do not comply with classroom rules.  Classroom rules include listening when the teacher is talking to the class, treating other students and the teacher with respect, respecting equipment, and following rules involving classroom processes when structure is required.  Class rules are covered each day at the start of the class to the extent that students can eventually recite them from memory. Parents will receive an email from the instructor if an intervention is needed and students will have the chance to improve their behavior and grow as a result.

Thank you! I look forward to providing your child with a positive, empowering, and creative experience with C.A.N.!  ...Lukas