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My name is Lukas Allenbaugh, and I have been teaching art (animation, illustration, sculpture, painting, and digital art) to a wide age range of children and teens for over 25 years.  My teaching includes 4 years as a public school teacher (art and general studies), 14 years as the owner of the Creative Art Network (after-school and summer programs, libraries, etc.) and over 10 years as an artist in residence (schools, teen shelters, and public projects).  


Over the past 5 years I have extensively studied 2D and 3D digital art in the forms of animation, illustration, and 3D modeling.  I am a current student of the CG Master’s Academy.


When designing a class I look at it from the utmost basic level, putting myself in the perspective of the learner.  Each sentence, image, and concept is evaluated for clarity, content, and creativity.  I challenge myself to learn daily so that my teaching will reflect my own pursuits.  My live classes are a mixture of original education videos, live teaching demos, students teaching students, and sharing.


I consider myself a student first and a teacher second.  My classrooms are a constant source of inspiration.  I recognize that people of all ages have tremendous potential and I aim to offer skills, concepts, and support, to further their expression and accomplishments.

Although I’ve attended Cornish College of the Arts, Western WA University, and a diverse collection of online and studio art classes, I’ve found my true learning is listening to and being driven by my own passions for art.  I seek to continually reinvent, not define my art.


In my free time I enjoy partner dancing and hiking with my wife, and creating music.

Lukas Allenbaugh

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