Intro to 3D Modeling with Blender: Make a Sci Fi City!

3D models are used by a variety of industries including video games, motion pictures, engineering, product development, and medical.  During this introductory 90 minute class, students will actively learn 3D modeling skills in Blender (a FREE software) through building a Sci Fi city.  This class is a prerequisite for upcoming 3D modeling classes taught through the Creative Art Network.  Students will learn how to create and alter 3D shapes by using a variety of modeling tools and arranging their individual creations into a city of Sci Fi buildings.  At the end of class students will be given additional project ideas to continue experimenting with 3D modeling on their own.  The act of 3D modeling incorporates math and design skills through understanding the basic vocabulary of 3D objects (vertex, edge, face), learning to manipulate those objects with a variety of tools, and navigating the x,y, and z coordinates of the scene.  Stay tuned for upcoming classes in modeling Sci Fi robots, vehicles, architecture, and more.

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